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The Ichigo Season

To celebrate the gorgeous Japanese strawberry [いちご, ichigo] season once every year, we bring to you 2 creations showcasing the wonderful sweetness of the ripe fruit.

With the cakes served in a very Japanese way, alongside with ichigo’s best companion – condensed milk, you could discover a pleasant balance between fruitiness and milkiness.


We make our own condensed milk, and then turn it into a rich and smooth mousse with the precious vanilla pods from Madagascar. What encase all these goodness are the light and airy almond sponge cakes. To add a final contrasting sharp note, there is thin layer of our home-made raspberry confit.

Tarte aux Fraises

Or why not go for a strawberry tart if you prefer something crunchy? This tart is lined with sablé Breton, a very crumbly and crispy base. Originating from Brittany of France, we carefully select butter also from Brittany, which is renowned for their excellent dairy products.

If you wish to enjoy a cake more personally, individual portions are also available.

Petit Ichigo

Petit Tarte aux Fraises

We supply the 2 creations as long as the ichigo season lasts.

Place your order here.


丁酉年賀年禮盒 | Lunar New Year 2017 Gift Box

PÂTISSERIE anoki presents: Lunar New Year 2017 Gift Box

New choice for a good new year, have a bite of our exquisite French pastry

The Gold Box

【The Gold Box】contains:

◆ Dacquoise (Caramelised Milk Chocolate* Ganache): 6 pieces
◆ Local Lai Chi Honey Gateau de Voyage: 1 loaf (24 cm)
◆ Golden Sablé (Enriched with Salted Egg Yolk): 100 g
◆ Croquants aux Amandes: 100 g

*Single Origin Ecuadorian Chocolate


The Silver Box

【The Silver Box】contains:


◆ Caramelised Milk Chocolate* Ganache: 6 pieces
◆ White Chocolate* Ganache: 6 pieces
◆ In-house Handmade Madagascan Vanilla & Raspberry Jam: 6 pieces

*Single Origin Ecuadorian Chocolate

Croquants aux Amandes | 杏仁脆餅

Extremely light & crispy, full of flavours of toasted almonds & popcorns

Golden sablé | 黃金法國牛油酥餅

When the Chinese salted egg yolks are added to the classic crumbly buttery biscuits

Dacquoise | 達克瓦茲蛋白杏仁餅

Our signature petit four. Airy & light in almond aroma, a perfect match with the rich chocolate ganache or the sharp raspberry jam

Pre-order HERE while stock lasts

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Wish us all a happy New Year!

Noël Collection 2016

In this anoki’s very first Christmas, we are bringing you a cheery Noël Gift Box filled with authentic and delectable European treats.

With this festive box, you will enjoy four different treats. Each one of them has its special character, flavour and texture:

Dacquoise of France. Soft and airy, rich in almond flavour. We fill them with single-origin Ecuadorian caramelised milk chocolate ganache.

Arlette of France. The crispiest puff pastry biscuit. Alluring colour and sweetness come from caramel. (We make our own puff pastry of course)

Zimtsterne (cinnamon stars) of Germany. Nicely dense and slightly chewy without being stiff. A heart-warming taste of cinnamon which is enjoyed during Christmas time.

Vanillekipferl (vanilla crescents) of Austria. Another Christmas specialty. Light and short, these little moons just crumble on your tongue.



Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars)

Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescents)


Place your order HERE while stock lasts, and enjoy a truly European Christmas with us this year.

Joyeux Noël! Have a merry Christmas!



Ulay [烏來] Limited Edition

A Gift from Nature, Ulay Wild Honey Cake [Sold Out. Thank you]

Back from the beautiful mountains of Ulay (Wulai, Taiwan) with their wildly harvested honey. With its glittering amber colour and deep floral and fruity aroma, this honey is best used straight as it is.

Pure and authentic, just like the smiling faces of the aborigines, ‘In Ulay we are blessed with the good mountains and waters.’

We also use trehalose from Japan in this cake to lower the sweetness level, and retain moisture at the same time.

Only 20 loaves available

好山好水。烏來野生蜂蜜常温蛋糕 [售罄。多謝支持。]







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