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The Ichigo Season

To celebrate the gorgeous Japanese strawberry [いちご, ichigo] season once every year, we bring to you 2 creations showcasing the wonderful sweetness of the ripe fruit.

With the cakes served in a very Japanese way, alongside with ichigo’s best companion – condensed milk, you could discover a pleasant balance between fruitiness and milkiness.


We make our own condensed milk, and then turn it into a rich and smooth mousse with the precious vanilla pods from Madagascar. What encase all these goodness are the light and airy almond sponge cakes. To add a final contrasting sharp note, there is thin layer of our home-made raspberry confit.

Tarte aux Fraises

Or why not go for a strawberry tart if you prefer something crunchy? This tart is lined with sablé Breton, a very crumbly and crispy base. Originating from Brittany of France, we carefully select butter also from Brittany, which is renowned for their excellent dairy products.

If you wish to enjoy a cake more personally, individual portions are also available.

Petit Ichigo

Petit Tarte aux Fraises

We supply the 2 creations as long as the ichigo season lasts.

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The New, Old Opéra

“Opéra gâteau is an elaborate almond sponge cake with a coffee and chocolate filling and icing.”

~ Larousse Gastronomique

The origin of Gâteau Opéra is a mystery. It has appeared in the French gastronomic history since as early as the end of the 19th century.

As a devotee of French pâtisserie, anoki here presents Gâteau Opéra on our pastry menu.

The cake is composed of biscuit joconde (almond sponge) soaked with coffee syrup, dark chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream and a dark chocolate glaze. Using premium quality ingredients as always, we notably introduce a single-origin dark chocolate from Peru, giving depth and complexity in the taste of the chocolate ganache.

Based on traditional French recipe and crafted by precise techniques, each mouthful of our Gâteau Opéra shall bring you the classic taste of France.

Impressive and elegant, Gâteau Opéra makes great celebration cake too.

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