Motherhood may taste sweet-&-sour. But after all, it is amazingly mellow.

Featuring American Meyer lemon, a natural hybrid of lemon & mandarin, giving you sourness of a lemon & sweetness of a mandarin.

What’s special about “Meyer Lemon”?

With a birth place of China, this very special lemon was bought to the USA in 1908, thanks to Mr. Frank Nicholas Meyer, an agricultural explorer.

It is a natural cross between a lemon and a mandarin. So while it is as sour & sharp as a lemon, interestingly it has the rounded sweetness & fragrant of a mandarin.

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The Mother’s Cake

A delicious garden in flower for mama, she will smile.

Layers of fragrant Meyer lemon cream, soft custard centre, and hazelnut & almond dacquoise sponge

We do not use artificial colourings in our Korean buttercream flowers, but only natural vegetable powders: Japanese purple taro, Aussie pumpkin & Kyoto matcha.


Meyer Lemon Madeleine Gift Box

Showcasing the unique fragrance of Meyer lemon, a memorable gift for mama.

American Meyer lemon | French LESCURE A.O.P. butter | Japanese fine white sugar, eggs & flour

Experience this amazing fruit in our Mother’s Day specials, and make Mother’s Day this year even more memorable.

☞ Ordering ends 7th MAY, ORDER NOW