Gâteau de Voyage | Summer Strawberry & Ecuadorian White Chocolate

The spring ichigo season has just passed. In summer our imported strawberries are pleasantly fragrant but not always sweet, but it is just good to mix this refreshing fruitiness with the white chocolate which we are rightly proud of using.

High up in the Ecuadorian mountains 3400 km above sea level, dairy cows wander freely and graze on rich, natural grass. Their milk is collected by a group of local milk farmers and used to make white chocolate in chocolate plants right in Ecuador.

Not the same as others, this white chocolate is incredibly rich in milkiness which stands out remarkably even after mixing with other ingredients and baking. This makes a smooth fruity-mellow balance with the summer strawberries.

And to achieve a pleasantly low level of sweetness, we add trehalose to the cake. This natural sugar also helps to keep the cake very moist.

Single Origin Ecuadorian White Chocolate | Seasonal Strawberry | Trehalose [ 海藻糖 ]

Like all of our gâteau de voyage, serve it at a nice breakfast or in a summer picnic; or put it in our Japanese gift box and send it as a hearty and delicious gift to your loved ones.