First appeared in the Lunar New Year Gift Box, our croquants de Cordes turn out to be a favorite of many clients of ours.

So now it is on our ‘Pastry on the Menu’.

This specialty almond biscuit was created in the medieval town of Cordes in Southern France. At some time in the 17th century, there was a tremendous harvest from the almond trees, and an innkeeper lady made a good use of the surplus almonds by baking them with egg white and sugar in her oven at a lower temperature after bread baking. Its texture gave it its ‘crispy”‘name while its terroir stated the origin of ‘Cordes-sur-Ciel’. In every June, there is even a festival held to honour this popular treat in the region.

Like other traditional French treats, croquants are simple, rustic, but could amaze you with aroma, texture and flavour. They are extremely light and crispy, full of flavours of toasted almonds and popcorns.

Our croquants come in 2 packagings: the regular 100 g pack, or you could have them put decently in our Japanese gift box adding just a little extra.

LEFT: gift box version. RIGHT: regular packing.

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Hold tight and enjoy the crunch.